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Trust Our Cat Hotel in Swindon, Wiltshire

Here at Westleaze Cat Hotel Ltd, we welcome all manner of cats to our boarding cattery in Swindon, Wiltshire. As a highly regarded cat hotel, we strive to make every effort in accommodating to your feline friends. Although our rooms are exceptionally comfortable, we recommend that you bring your cat's bedding or blanket as something familiar to help them settle in and feel at ease quickly.

Having a Valid Health Check

All cats must have an up-to-date certificate of vaccination against feline infectious enteritis (FIE) and cat flu before they are able to stay at our cattery. They will be examined on arrival and our proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission if they show signs of infectious or contagious conditions which would put other visitors at risk. Owners are responsible for the veterinary treatment of pre-existing medical conditions, but all our visitors are insured by us during their stay. Unlike many other catteries, we are able to take in diabetic cats.

Keeping Cats Well Fed

Only the best food is given to the felines staying at our boarding cattery, making sure that they receive a balanced diet. If you know your cat has any particular likes or dislikes, simply advise our friendly team. We always try our best to cater to special dietary requests, though this must be arranged prior to your cat's stay with us.

Trust Our Friendly Staff

Relaxed Cats

As a dedicated bunch of animal lovers, you can count on our cattery to provide the best possible care for your feline friends. All of our staff have the relevant veterinary qualifications, meaning that they can deal with any medical needs when necessary. Treating every cat who walks through our doors as they are our own, we'll make sure that they're comfortable and relaxed throughout their stay.

Do We Have Any Restrictions?

Aside from those without up-to-date vaccinations against FIE and cat flu, we do not have many restrictions on the visitors we accept. Please note that unfortunately we are unable to take in kittens that have not started the vaccination course from nine weeks on, or entire males that are older than nine months. Other than that, we'll take in most moggies.

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